Firstly, I want to give my sincerest apologies for the lack of content over the last couple of months. Since August, myself and my husband have dealt with moving half way across the country, holidays, starting new jobs and having training for these (in my case anyway), amongst other things. Unfortunately the result of such events happened to be a rather neglected blog! However, I have lots of content to get on board with and lots of fresh ideas in the pipelines. I have sworn to myself that I’ll be updating the blog with at least one new post on each of my days off, meaning I should hopefully be creating a minimum of two articles a week (I am going to aim for more). I know I have a lot of catching up to do with posts dating back from August so it is my mission to create these as quickly and as efficiently as possible. I do honestly find that once I start writing one post it spurs me on to do another and so on; even now, as I’m writing this reasoning for my absence, I’m already thinking about my next article.

Now that I’ve settled into my new position with Benefit and our new house is becoming more of a home, I feel I can dedicate enough time and effort to make my page great again!

Thanks for sticking with me, lots of new content will be up soon!

Love and Lipstick,
Pollyanna x

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