Introducting Go Go Tint, the brand new cheek and lip stain from Benefit Cosmetics! This bright cherry stain gives you the perfect flush of buildable colour. Sweep three strokes onto the apple of the cheeks and blend quickly with fingertips for a pop of colour, or dab onto the lips and blend for a juicy pout. Apply one layer for a sheer pink, or build and build for a rockabilly red. Waterproof, smudge-proof and kiss-proof, Go Go Tint will see you from morning in the office until the party at night. Available at a Benefit Counter near you! RRP £25.50



An Honest Review

I absolutely love this lip tint! It’s probably one of my favourite Benefit products actually, which shocked me as I’d never really been a fan of the cheek and lip stains before; it’s intrigued me as to what I can do with the already existing lip tints now. Being a rockabilly chick, the one thing that riled me about Benefit was their lack of red/cherry coloured lip products; even the They’re Real Double the Lip lipstick in the shade ‘revved up red’ is more of a bright pink than a true red, so my pin up look was never fully complete when at work. Although Go Go Tint is pink in the bottle, layering it up on the lips to give a bright opaque colour really adds depth to the shade and brings it closer to red than any other product. Just to clarify, when I say layering, I mean two or three layers maximum – this tiny bottle is super pigmented and packs a serious punch. Even Benetint doesn’t come close in my eyes, possibly because it has a liquid consistency and is harder to build up that Go Go’s liquid-gel formula.I also noticed that it dries with good speed and leaves a matte finish without drying your lips out. If you don’t like a matte lip, you can apply a clear gloss over the top it without worrying about it bleeding.

I was pleasantly surprised when putting this on my cheeks too actually! The concept of a liquid cheek colour has always been alien to me, even though my dry skin probably cries out for liquid products as opposed to powders. Although apprehensive at first, my concerns rapidly disappeared after dotting half a dab on each cheek and blending out as quickly as possible. I can’t emphasise enough that timing is key here – they’re not lying when they call it a stain! It gave my cadaverous cheeks an instant flush of colour – it was that delicate pretty pink that once again goes hand in hand with the pin up scene. This is a must have product for girls with fair skin tones! Despite this, another Benefit consultant with a darker skin tone tried it next to me and it looked great on her too, adding depth and life to her skin.

The longevity of Go Go was also seriously impressive. I can apply mine in the morning, before I leave for work, be at work all day and have my lunch breaks and tea breaks, and get home in the evening for it to still be perfectly in place without the need for touch ups. I can kiss my husband goodbye in the morning without leaving an imprinted pout on his cheek. I no longer have to worry about carelessly brushing my fingertips across my face and leaving a trail of crimson behind.


Overall, this is a staple for any girls’ make up bag. It sits brilliantly on all skin types, offers a range of colour pay off to suit everybody’s individual preferences, has amazing staying power and is super versatile.


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