What do you do when you get invited to a fancy dress party that has a theme of 70s movies when you’re a full time pin up girl?

You immediately think of Grease, is the answer.
However, everyone thinks of Grease when the category is 1970s movies. Although it’s iconic to the 1950s girl, it was released in the 70s and inspired a whole generation of people, becoming a nostalgic classic. I decided right away that I didn’t want to be good-girl Sandy or bad-girl Sandy – that’s what everyone would do (and they did) – so I studied for ideas that would suit my wardrobe but be less predictable. Cue, Frenchy: everyone’s favourite beauty school dropout.

First in planning my costume was the actual dress itself. Enter the wonderful ‘Avalon’ dress from Lindy Bop (£32.00, Lindy Bop). With it’s pale pink hue, wiggle fit and white buttons running central from top to bottom, it bears an uncanny resemblance to the uniform of Frenchy’s La Cafury beauty school. Perfect!

Next was getting that ‘do spot on! This was the biggest challenge. Frenchy’s hair is short, pink and tightly curled, meaning her locks sit above her shoulders. My hair comes almost to my derrière, meaning even when tightly curled it is still way below my shoulders. It’s also have silver-grey and have black-brown. There was no way on this earth I was going to risk bleaching it all and box-dying it pink, especially when my wonderful hairdresser Lisa would kill me when I arrived to her party like it! The best I could do was poodle it up on top of my head in tight pin curls and use a temporary spray dye to evolve the silver-grey to pastel pink. I first tried Loreal Colorista spray (£6.99, Superdrug) but it didn’t have a great effect. I used almost two cans of the stuff on just half of my hair and it made an ever so slight pink tint to the silver. Next I tried Pick&Mix Colour pink hair chalk spray (£3.99, Superdrug) – less than half a can down and I had the most amazing pink hair (on one side anyway).


Lastly were the accessories. I teamed the Avalon dress with some pale pink court heels, a string of pearls and a coral coloured scarf, similar to the one Frenchy initially covers her pink hair with.

Mission accomplished!

The party was a great night and there were some fantastic costumes, my favourites being a pair of original oompa loompas and Dale’s take on Brokeback Mountain (a cowboy costume with an inflatable male sex doll strapped to his front).

My costume actually happened to be inspiration for my next tattoo, but that will be a whole other post!










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